Save it online. Read it in print.

Receive a printed book of your favorite articles once a month.

What is it

Blackstrap is a collection of articles you intended to read later delivered to you in print. A subscription service that delivers a collection to you every month. You save the articles to read later, we turn those articles you haven't read into a book.

How a Blackstrap is Made

Blackstrap's are made by us using the articles that you have saved later on Instapaper or Pocket. Each month we put together a 74 page book based on your backlog of saved articles. If there are specific articles that you would like included in your Blackstrap, email me and I will be sure to include them.

It's an elegant demonstration of how print and online can work together.

What it's about

Blackstrap is an effort to create undistracted space. Reading something great should be consuming. It should create a sense of detachment from the world around us. It should cause us to slow down, to consider, to take pleasure in the written word.

This becomes impossible when we read online. The thing we want to focus on is just a tab, a bookmark, a reproachful minimized window lost in the noise of stimulation and distraction, obligation and temptation, that makes up the connected world.

If an article deserves a little time, then Blackstrap it: choose the ones you want to linger over and we'll print, bind and send them to you, to enjoy undistracted.

What about copyright?

  • Blackstrap books are solely for your own personal, noncommercial use–but you knew that already.

  • Blackstrap’s Terms and Conditions of Use prohibit you from making copies of the printed content we provide.

  • Once you print a url's content through Blackstrap you won't be able to select that url for printing again with our service.